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I’ve been running events for the last 11 years and it truly is my happy place. You’ll find me in the background of events, happy as a lark supporting my clients, their speakers and their attendees.
After working with major brands like Disney, Jeep, Nike and more, I found that their products, messaging and overall marketing no longer aligned with my personal belief system. While I gained so much knowledge and a massive education about branding and marketing, I knew it was time to move on. I was able to take my experience in branding, marketing and of course, events over into the wellness and transformation spaces and it was a divine assignment.
I have found that I have the ability and capacity to accomplish more than many of my counterparts. I quickly realized that my capacity to maintain the logistics of an event, manage the energy and hold space is extremely large. I am able to balance all of the immediate needs of clients before, during and even after an event with little to no stress. Personally, I have never found events to be stressful. I enjoy the details and the process. Events are truly my passion and happy place.
The key to being successful at events is to be able to see the BIG picture while managing the exorbitant amount of details that make the big picture work.
There have been bumps and dumps along the journey. I have gained so much experience and knowledge that I can never regret any part of the path that I have traveled to get to this point.
I invite you to have a chat with me about your upcoming events. When you are ready, feel free to call or text me.