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Serving Southern Oregon -- specifically Grants Pass & Josephine County

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No physical location YET! And our Website is UNDER CONSTRUCTION - so we are Grateful for CHAMBER!

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“If you can’t pay it back, pay it forward.” — Catherine Ryan Hyde We [Common Connections] exist because of the persistence of those who embody the daily active imperative of making our community better for all. Everyone has the ability to help, everyone. Period. Common Connections started out as a coordinated effort to connect volunteer opportunities to those people who had only upto that time been recipients of assistance- food, clothing, financial. It was a small, but sincere effort to provide a way for those constantly on the receiving-end to use their own energy to volunteer and give back or ''pay it forward.'' Ultimately, Common Connections has become the catalyst for coordinated solutions. We concentrate on developing programs that bring together specific opportunities and the people who want to put their personal energy toward improving the community. The issue of inadequate safe housing has been an overwhelming topic for our community. The community has resources, the community has people. The solution is to put them together in a way that helps alleviate this challenge. We know you can help in different ways, from volunteering for a day, a weekend, project or even participating in the state-registered pre-apprenticeship program we are developing. Creatively we will bring together the resources, people and projects to unravel this pervasive challenge. Not to be clever, but to be focused: 2020 will be a year of clarity. Those who are interested in the work we are doing are encouraged to stay connected about updates.